Unit 3 – Promoting the event

In a world where people are constantly bombarded by advertising, effective marketing that makes your business stand out is more important than ever. While happy customers will promote your business to others through word of mouth, any farm operation that wants to become and stay successful needs to spend some time and effort on active marketing communication.

Sample invitation to a farm festival. Source: Skagit Valley Festival of Family Farms

Basic rules for succesfull promotion of your farm events:

  • Describe Your Farm Enterprise: When was it started, or projected to start? Why was it started? Who started it? How does the recreation/education enterprise fit in with your overall farm operation?
  • Describe Your Product or Service: Write down what your are selling to the public. Why should people buy your service? What does it do? What makes it unique? What will it cost to provide this service or product? How much will you charge? How does it compare to other similar enterprises? Are there complementary services in the area?
  • Define Your Customers: Who are you targeting for your farm enterprise? You'll want to define gender, age, income, occupation, location, family status, children, education, and interests.
  • Develop a Marketing Strategy: Your marketing and advertising method may be as simple as word of mouth and repeat customers, or it may involve an ad campaign with printed materials, radio spots, newspaper or other media advertising, mass mailings, and the like.

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