Unit 1 – Structure of a farm visit

In this Unit I will learn how to…

  1. combine the stations of a farm visit in a logical order? How to create my script for my farm visit
  2. know example scripts
  3. know methods for a successful welcoming and a useful feedback


In Unit 1 you will learn to structure a farm visit in a way, that your group understands the organic farm circle. Furthermore, you will get little „example scripts“, which structure your day at the farm. For the structure plan it is important to match up the individual learning stations, so that the structure of the guided tour makes sense for the visitors. To get an appropriate tension, you have to keep a perfect balance between the two elements of listening on the one hand and practicing on the other hand for the visitors. To keep your group motivated and interested you always should think about an appropriate speech related to the age of the visitors and the individual knowledge.

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