Module 6 – Funding and business models

Welcome to the resources section for module 6 - Funding and business models. Click on the links below to navigate to the resources:


Paying for farm visits - A short advisory film


Sustaining Farm Links - Advice on ways in which schools can fund their ongoing farm visits.

Checklist for determining the costs of a farm visit.

Checklist for reduction and financing of transport costs.

Checklist for private financing of a farm visit.


School Farmers' Markets - An eight week guide for schools detailing how they can set up farmers' markets as a way of raising income for farm visits.

Case studies

Boston West Academy - A case study of Boston West Academy in Lincolnshire and their school farmers' market work.

Chagford Primary School - A case study of Chagford Primary School in Devon and their school farmers' market work.

The Ferncumbe School - A case study of the Ferncumbe School  and their school farmers' market work.

Washingborough Academy - A case study of Washingborough Academy in Lincolnshire and their school farmers' market work.

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