Module 5 – Promoting your farm experience


Hosting school visits – insight and tips from three farms - Farmers Weekly

Tips on hosting an on-farm school visit - Farmers Weekly


Supporting materials and sample forms:

Case studies

A guide for hosts planning countryside events involving schools​

Useful websites

  • - For inspiration and resources to help you put on engaging and memorable on-farm school visits
  • - An information hub for host farmers and teachers
  • - Lots of fabulous resources for teachers about food, farming and the natural environment. Register your farm on the site database of “places to visit”.
  • - Managed by the British Nutrition Foundation and supported by AHDB, the site hosts lots of great food and farming resources and activity ideas
  • - Farming is Magic has a suite of useful videos and top tips with clever, colourful and memorable phrases, stories and activities to help you tell your farming story
  • - Farming and Countryside Education (FACE) works with their members and partners to promote visits to farms
  • - The Royal Highland Education Trust offers on farm visits all year round, free of charge to Scotland’s schoolchildren


Farming is magic videos


Further reading

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