Lesson 4 – Riding therapy of „Reittherapiezentrum Kassiopeia" in Germany

The German organization Caritas starts in cooperation with the center for riding therapy "Kassiopeia" in Ludwigsburg to offer regular riding therapy for six refugee children in the basic school age for one year from September 2017.

Kinder vergessen die Welt beim Spielen im Heuhaufen.

Photo: Caritas Ludwigsburg-Waiblingen

The experience from past projects shows that animals also reach much traumatized children who can no longer be approached by other methods. In riding therapy, children learn to be responsible with animals and also with themselves. Besides cleaning, riding and relaxation exercises, the children also learned to assess their limits.

Many children, who were sad and closed at the beginning of the hour, flourished during therapy. These are experiences that they (unconsciously) transfer to other areas of life and do them good and strengthen them. A statement from the therapist about a child we were worried about for some time was: "Jamal has grown on horseback." And by the way - all children have significantly improved their linguistic abilities during the rehabilitation therapy.

The involvement and self-abandonment on a horse are valuable experiences for traumatized children. They deal with initially very frightening situations and step by step overcome this fear. This increases their self-confidence. This is crucial for dealing with traumatization.

More information: http://www.caritas-ludwigsburg-waiblingen-enz.de/aktuelles/projekte/reittherapie-fuer-traumatisierte-fluechtlingskinder-8439b7db-7951-4925-a9a9-3204e2f30c51

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