Lesson 3 – Sample Interview

Interview with a teacher of disadvantaged pupils in Cologne, Germany: She is working with mental and physical disabled pupils since more than 20 years.

Question: Do you carry out farm visits?

Answer: We organize class trips to farms, but just as vacation events, not special farm visits with practical work and experiences.

Question: Do you think such farm visits could be useful for a better integration of disadvantaged children?

Answer: Yes, definitely. They can help to experience new learning opportunities and accesses.

Question: Are there special thinks to consider for farm visits with disabled pupils?

Answer: Disabled pupils have very different mental or physical handicaps. It is necessary to take in account these differences for carrying out the visit on a farm. For any of the various handicaps special different conditions and measures have to be considered. Even inside a group with same handicaps each individual must be treated with respect to the personal specification of the handicap.

Question: Can you give us practical hints and tools which should be prepared and provided for a visit on a farm with handicapped children?

Answer: No. For each child you have to consider specific individual aspects and preparation issues. And that regards not only technical tools and issues but much more mental and communication factors.

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