Chapter 2 – Schools: understanding the costs of going on a farm visit

What are the cost implications of visiting a biofarm?

In order for your school to visit a local biofarm, there will be a number of cost implications for the host farm, as well as the school. Some farms may choose not to charge for the visit, whilst others will need to recoup some of their business outgoings by charging a fee. Costs to the farm may vary - If you add up the financial cost of the farmer’s time in leading the visit, as well as covering the farm work they would have been doing; the cost of marketing materials and investing in facilities for visitors, you can see how hosting a visit can have implications on a farm’s budget.

As well as costs for the farm that are often passed on to the visiting groups, It is important to identify what outgoings you may have as a school.  Once you’ve created a list of visit requirements, start to look at what you already have in place and what you may need to buy in. Some of the things you may consider are listed below:

  • Will those staff that are on the visit need teaching cover back in school? Are there enough staff to cover this, or will you need a supply teacher?
  • Have you arranged transport to the farm? If so, how much will this cost?
  • How many children are you taking on the visit? Some farms charge a flat fee, whilst others may charge per child.
  • Do you need to purchase any equipment to facilitate the visit (spare boots for disadvantaged pupils, equipment for conducting on-farm experiments or activities)?
  • Do your insurance cover visits to farms or do you need an additional policy?

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