Lesson 2 – Needs according to different handicaps

Lesson 2 in the former chapter showed that disadvantaged young people can have various mental or physical handicaps. These different handicaps have to be considered when planning and preparing a visit of an organic farm.

Disadvantaged youth with physical handicaps have very different practical needs. An important aspect is the providing of “accessibility” and “freedom from barriers”. Examples are hard cover paths and special toilets for wheel chairs users etc.

Beside these physical requirements and needs a special focus should be laid on behavior and communication issues. Mental handicapped pupils and children need much more protection and maintenance when visiting and working in gardens and farm areas.

Accompanying persons have for example to be aware that mental disabled children could eat soil or plants unfit for human consumption. For these kids outdoor cooking procedures could become dangerous because they are not used to it. In general, the preparation and implementation of a Bio-Farm visit has to ensure to avoid any potential causes and reasons for accidences due to their handicaps.

Teachers, farm guides and farmers have to consider special communication needs, especially for mental disabled youth. Explanations and teaching units have to be adapted to the special needs of these target groups. Lectures have to be very simple, the teaching rhythm must fit with their reception skills and the language and contents should meet their interests and power of concentration. 

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