Chapter 3 – Animal related risks

There are special precautions that should be adhered to when handling animals. For children visiting animals is often one of the most attractive part of the farm visit.  When visiting animals, ensure that children are well briefed and ensure that they interact with animals in a calm and respectful way. It also helps to choose good-natured animals for the farm visit. Never leave children unsupervised with animals.

All animals will naturally carry a range of micro-organisms, some of which cause no illness in the animal but can be transmitted to humans. Animals can also cause allergies and infections. For these reasons, instruct the visitors in the  principles of good hygiene:

  • No eating in an area where animals are kept.
  • Always wash hands after touching animals.
  • Never feed animals with anything not provided by the farm.
  • Do not kiss animals.
  • Never taste animal foods.

Cource: pixabay

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