The Target Audience

Target audiences are distinct groups or segments of clients that you expect to reach when you employ different marketing strategies. You may decide to target your service based on the characteristics of:

  1. income level
  2. location (in or out-of-state; urban/rural, international)
  3. age
  4. client preference (lodging, level of involvement -- self guided versus guided, experience, etc.)

If you currently have people entering your property without paying (hunters, fishers, wildlife viewers, etc.) you may want to conduct a survey of their interests and ability to pay for services.

Possible Positions for Marketing Your Farm Operation

  • The feature that makes your product or service different than the offerings of competing attractions (e.g. a restaurant on an organic farm, a B&B on an exotic animal farm, a cornfield maze at a u-pick produce stand, etc.)
  • The length of time your organization has been in business (e.g., a family-run farm for over a century.
  • The unique people involved in your operation (e.g. clinics by a nationally-renowned horse trainer, home cookin' by a former cooking competition winner, etc.)
  • Your location (e.g. in the heart of prime bird watching habitat, within an hour of the …river/lake/park…, far off the beaten path, etc.).
  • The size of your operation (e.g. a small, intimate inn on a working ranch; a large cattle ranch, etc.).
  • The benefits of your product or services (e.g. catch the romantic spirit of the …, restful solitude and tranquility, fulfill a childhood dream, guaranteed catch or wildlife sightings, etc.).
  • The services of your organization (e.g. educational program for children, guided farm walks, outdoor recreation for young singles).
  • Your price (e.g., an affordable family adventure).
  • Your reputation
  • The lifestyle-defining aspect of your offering (e.g. escape the ordinary, edge of danger rockclimbing, etc.).

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