Chapter 1 – How to match up the individual stations of a farm visit in a logical way? How to create my script for the farm visit?

To plan the structure and the individual stations of a farm visit in a useful way, you, as a farm companion, have to collect the most important facts. The most important facts are:

  • age of the group
  • number of visitors
  • type of school
  • planned time of the farm visit
  • desired topics based on the lesson plan
  • individual limitations of the visitors (allergies, fear of animals, physical or mentally limitations)

These facts limitate the main topic and the complexity of your actions. What do you do with making bread to the topic wheat, if three of the children cannot eat gluten. But you should account the time of the year, because this can affect the list of activities. For example, a visit in a wheat field is good for spring (discover growing period with the wheat book), summer (compare wheat ears / harvest), but not for winter (there you can make bread).

On an organic farming the farm circle has a central meaning. The plants deliver the food for the animals and the animals deliver their fertilizer for the plants. These connections can be physically discovered from children and youth, when they go through the severally stations with the farm companion and when they can be active themselves.

You have all the important facts and you decided upon a theme? Now the next step is to create a screenplay. A screenplay can help the farm companions and the teachers to comprehend the inner logic und to assign every station different concrete activities.

The screenplay contains:

  • all planned activities
  • with specific date and location
  • all materials which are used for the severally stations
  • the learning goals that are fulfilled on the severally stations
  • next to the activities you can only do with good weather you have to keep alternatives for bad weather in mind

Example script:

Add. Inf. Worksheet 1_script for the topic „organic farming on the example: lupin“

Add. Inf. Checklist Nr. 1_ what do you have to keep in mind

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