Chapter 1 – Farmers: understanding the costs of hosting a visit

Questions to ask yourself as a farm opening for visits

These questions are not meant to discourage farms from offering educational activities, but if you are going to spend any time and money developing your education offer, it is worth researching interest in your local area, as well as the current destinations for school trips and other potential target groups. 

  • What is your motivation? I want to teach children, where foodstuff comes from; I want to show my work and my workplace to children; I want new income opportunities; I want to strengthen customer loyalty with programs for children.
  • Think about who it is that you are aiming your activities at; is there a demand for what you are offering?  
  • What are your potential target groups, will they be willing to cover the cost of a visit?  Some schools in affluent areas may be more prepared to pay than in disadvantaged areas.
  • Research the market, find out who the competition is and what they are charging?

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