Chapter 1 – Access funding for your visit

Across Europe, there are a number of public and private funding schemes that offer financial support to schools and farms, allowing educational visits to take place. It is worth exploring these opportunities from the perspective of your own country to see what may be available. Every country will have different funding opportunities, but they will usually fall into either funding from public sources (e.g. local municipalities) or private funding that the school or farm can access.

Public funding – national government and municipality

Many countries have some form of public funding that can be used for farm visits, however, it is not possible in this short section to give a complete guide to the wide range of conservation and diversification grant schemes available.  These are constantly changing as new funding becomes available, new schemes are introduced and old ones dropped or modified.  There are also regional and local funds that are applicable to specific municipalities / local authorities.  Whilst it is unlikely that there will be one specific scheme which will cover all your funding requirements, with a bit of creative thinking, a number of schemes may be applicable. Often environmental and educational schemes can be molded to meet your own requirements. We would advise that you carry out an internet search to identify public funding schemes that are specific to your country. It might also be worth contacting the government department responsible for the environment and rural affairs, to see if they can advise.

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