Module 6 – Funding and business models

One of the key challenges to overcome when delivering a farm visit for schools is funding. This can include paying for transport, staff cover in school and the farm visit itself. This module explores the range of considerations that need to be taken into account and some ideas on how these funding needs can be met.

What are the goals of this module?

Unit 1. Why do farm visits cost money?
Get familiar with the background cost implications of a bio farm visit with pupils and young people - for farmers as well as for teachers.

Unit 2. How much will my visit cost?
Identify which different aspects of the farm visit  will cost money, both in terms of the visit itself and transport to and from the farm.

Unit 3. How do I pay for my visit?
Exploring the various funding streams that may be available, together with options for saving costs and raising money to pay for your visit.

After finishing this module I will have learnt....

  1. to understand the factors involved in undertaking a farm visit which will have cost implications for both farms and schools.
  2. to identify how much a biofarm visit may cost, including:
    1. transport to the farm,
    2. the cost of the farm visit.
  3. to explore different options for funding the visit.

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