Module 3 – Undertaking your farm experience

In this module, we will examine what a school visit to an organic farm should look like.  We will also look at the best was to communicate with young people, in order to ensure that they get the most from their visits.

The farm guide must have an eye on the age and the perceptive faculty of the group, he must know what activities are possible in which season and he needs to know what the main theme of the farm visit in connection with the school curriculum.

In addition to simple farm visits, which are organized as semi- or full-day events (see unit 1), complex teaching projects are described in unit 3. Unit 2 in addition is a kind of “tool box” with a big variety of large and small ideas. These ideas have to be adapted to the situation on the specific farm or the age group you work with, but they should illustrate how learning on a farm or leaning something about organic agriculture can be organized in an active way using all the senses and the hands of actively.

The examples in this module focus on organic farming and show ways how to communicate the benefits of this sustainable land use system to the future generation.

What is the goal of this module?

  • Unit 1. Setting a structure for the different stations of your farm visit (perspective of the farm guide)
  • Unit 2. Hands on activities for the farm visit, grouped by themes  
  • Unit 3. Complex projects and long-term projects

After finishing the module, I will know….

  1. how to structure a farm visit
  2. which practical activities you can do on a farm
  3. how to combine the farm visit with school activities and the lesson plan

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