Module 2 – Preparing for your farm experience

Learning first-hand from a farmer is an inspiring experience for pupils. Good preparation will ensure that each visit to a farm reaches the stated educational goals. In this module farmers as well as teachers get skills and tools for planning attractive and successful farm-visits.

What is the goal of this module?

Unit 1. Get familiar with and check all the important aspects concerning a biofarm visit with pupils and young people - for farmers as well as for teachers.

Unit 2. To obtain skills and tools for detailed preparation and planning of attractive and successful farm-visits, reaching the stated educational objectives.

Unit 3. Be aware of potential risks and get a framework for visitor safety management.

After finishing this module I will have learnt....

  1. to check important aspects concerning a biofarm-visit for pupils and young adults.
  2. to plan and structure a biofarm-visit in a proper, age-related way - including duration, activities, pre- and post-visit activities in the classroom.
  3. to avoid health and safety risks for farm visitors.

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