Unit 3 – longer-term projects

In addition to day visits, your farm may also have opportunities for longer-term residential visits, or repeat visits that follow a particular theme. Some groups may visit the farm several times a year in order to investigate a topic more thoroughly. Some schools may also visit the same farm a number of times a year to look at the farming cycle or to ensure that each year group has the opportunity to visit at least once.

It is also useful to have a preparation at school before the farm visit and a post processing at school after the farm visit. Because then learning in and out of school is connected very well. In this unit there are some examples for complex and connected farm visits. These farm visits are a connection to the lessons in school and can be presented on project days at school.

In this unit I will learn how to:

  1. make the farm visit more sustainable
  2. Engage children with their farm visit
  3. structure complex different farm visits

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