Lesson 4 – Conclusions and practical hints


  • Farm visit brings particular benefits for teachers, who educate pupils with difficulties in mainstream learning systems
  • Bio-Farms are ideal for teaching. They in particular offer a comprehensive outdoor learning space.
  • Hands on experiences on farms do not only build up knowhow and motivation but also promote fine motor skills, creative ability, they reduce psychosomatic symptoms, boost self-confidence.
  • Disadvantaged young people can have various mental or physical handicaps.
  • Disabled pupils with physical handicaps have very different practical needs. An important aspect is the providing of “accessibility” and “freedom from barriers”.
  • Beside these physical requirements and needs a special focus should be laid on behavior and communication issues.
  • Teachers, farm guides and farmers have to consider special communication needs, especially for mental disabled youth.
  • For each child you have to consider specific individual aspects and preparation issues.