Chapter 4 – Risks in handling with foodstuff

If the farmer produces cheese, butter, bread or other foodstuff with the visitors, if he/she cooks with them or if snacks, drinks or lunch are served, hygiene is very important.

Some special precautions in handling with foodstuff/catering on the farm you can find in this checklist:

Checklist: Handling with foodstuff

If you provide eating areas, site eating or picnic facilities away from areas where animals can be contacted, or where wind blown contaminated material might be present, and preferably at the end of any farm trail, walk or tour, or outside the main areas of the premises.

  • Ensure that visitors have to pass through or by washing facilities before entering eating areas.
  • Ensure visitors are advised, e.g. by adequate signage, to wash their hands before eating.
  • Exclude animals including captive birds from eating areas. They could contaminate eating areas with faeces. Consider wing clipping, double gates into eating areas and adequate fencing to exclude them.
  • Where eating areas are adjacent to animal contact areas, prevent animal contact, e.g. by providing double fencing. This should be positioned at a distance that will prevent visitors reaching through to touch the animals and to prevent animals reaching over or through the fence to contact people.
  • Provide adequate waste bins and clear discarded food from eating areas to discourage wild birds and rodents from feeding and contaminating the area.