Chapter 3 – Animal related risks

There are special precautions in handling with animals. For children visiting animals is the most attractive part of farm visits. Tell The children, animals are no toys. Respectful interaction is obligat. Show the visitors how to deal with animals, how to approach the animals carefully. Choose good-natured animals for the farm-visits.

Never leave children unsupervised with animals.

All animals naturally carry a range of micro-organisms, some of which cause no illness in the animal but can be transmitted to humans. Animals can cause allergies and infections. Instruct the visitors to principles of hygiene:

  • No eating in an area, where animals are.
  • Always wash hands after touching animals.
  • Never feed animals with things you braught with you. Only if the farmer allows feeding, you may do that.
  • Do not kiss animals.
  • Never taste animal foods.

Cource: pixabay